About pleasant recipes

Recipe sites suck, more so than any other experience on the internet. How many times have you opened a recipe that you discovered on your favorite search enginer just bracing yourself for the inevitable...

  • overwhelming volume of ads 👎🏻
  • autoplaying popup videos taking over 50% of your mobile screen with tiniest close button you could imagine 👎🏻
  • popup dialog asking for your email address 👎🏻
  • loooooong life story that you must scroll through just to see if the recipe is even close to what you are looking for 👎🏻
  • cookie banner popup because your data is being sold 👎🏻

Everything about food including planning, cooking and eating should be pleasant.

Terrible recipe sites harm the experience and I am tired of it. I originally built this site for myself but a quick search for "Why do recipe sites suck?" makes it obvious that many people out there are frustrated so I am making it available to anyone else looking for a sane way to browse and share recipes online.

What makes pleasant recipes better

No ad presence

When the stove is on, the kids are falling apart and you’re just trying to read the next step of the recipe there is nothing worse than a video ad shoving itself right into your mobile phone’s screen. There are presently no ads on this site. I do need to pay to operate it and it does take time for me to add new recipes and continuously improve the experience. If you want to show appreciateion this site, you are welcome to buy me a coffee.

No privacy concerns (which means no cookie banners)

I pay 14 dollars per month to use Fathom Analytics to see how people are using the site and learn what I can do to improve it.

I specifically chose not to use Google Analytics (which is free) because then I'd be using cookies to share your data and I would need to disclose that with an ugly banner that pops up in your face when you visit the site. You should be able to follow a recipe and make some tasty food without worrying about your privacy rights.

Straight to the recipe, no life stories

I may add some additional details about a recipe to give you some helpful context, but it will be short, to the point and under the recipe instead of above it. If you want to read it, you can, otherwise just ignore it. Other recipe sites contain massive amounts of meaningless words to boost their search rankings. You won't find that nonsense here.


Most recipe sites and food blogs are built on WordPress, which is old, bloated, slow and falls apart with heavy traffic. I have been a professional software developer for over a decade and just won't do that to you. Just like you make your food with the finest ingredients, I built this site with the finest technology so you don't need to wait around for the site to load to get food on your table.

No jank

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to quickly scan a recipe to decide if you want to make it or to figure out what the ingredients are and then suddenly the content you were trying to read jumps down 25 lines because a slow loading image just popped into view? Me too, so I won't do that to you.

Helpful features

Ingredients for all recipes are grouped sensibly. If you are going to mix flour with salt and baking powder in a bowl, those go into a group. I pencil these groups in for every analog cookbook recipe I own and I’m doing it for you in this digital format.

Double/triple/quadruple the recipe in one click. This is one of the few advantages digital recipes have over analog cookbooks.

Recipe instructions include amounts so you don’t have to constantly scroll up and down on your device to know how much paprika needs to be added when the recipe says “Now add the paprika”. It makes so much more sense to just say “Now add the 1tsp paprika”.

Add your own recipes

If you like the experience and just to see a specific recipe on this site, buy me a coffee and in exchange I will add your recipe.